Coronavirus: Schools can open soon – Trump

Coronavirus: Schools can open soon – Trump

US President Donald Trump defends his move to reopen US, during his Friday’s White House press briefing in response to a question about schools and childcare yesterday, he proffers that the nation’s schools could open “sooner rather than later”.Trump said at

He said

I think the schools are going to be open soon, I think lot of governors are already talking about schools being opened. And we do have to take care of our seniors, because we’ve learned a lot about the disease. We’ve learned a lot about this plague, we have to take care of our seniors. We’re going to take care of a lot of people,

Also with his administration’s plan to reopen the US, schools and organized youth activities in different faces, US can overcome the pandemic and return to its normal activities.

US President Donald Trump

But I think that schools will be open sooner rather than later. And I understand and I’ve spoken some governors are already talking about, thinking about getting the schools open, going further to say I have a young boy who goes to school, I’d like to see him go to school. As good as home is, it’s very nice, but I would like him to go to school.

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