Senate urges airlines to issue refund of money

Senate urges airlines to issue refund of money

The stay at home order has affected airline as the prevention of the virus has kept Americans home. Some Senators has taken the issue to heart to ensure the refund of flyers fees.

Reports from CBS News shows that “Senators Ed Markey of Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, and Kamala Harris investigated the consumer refund policies of the airline industry, releasing their findings on Friday.”

During tthe investigation the senate found out that airlines canceled about 80% of their flights, only two airlines Allegiant and Spirit are offering refunds to passengers who voluntarily and proactively cancel their own tickets during the coronavirus crisis.

It was estimated that about $10 billion worth of customer tickets are held down, these amount will to a very large extent do good for families that need their money for provision of their basic amenities.

The Senators involved urge the refund to customers saying

“If these companies released that money back to the public, it would provide a significant stimulus for struggling families. That’s why we once again urge the airlines to end their anti-consumer policies and offer real refunds during this emergency.”

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