Broadway Star Nick Cordero  Amputates leg

Broadway Star Nick Cordero Amputates leg

Canadian Broadway actor Nick Cordero suffers critical health difficulties as he was admitted to an ICU. In an Instagram Live posted on Thursday night, his wife to his fans: “The doctor said for Nick’s heart and lungs right now, they’re in the best condition that they could be. He’s still on medication to help his heart pump. He’s still on the ventilator, obviously, to breathe, but he said this needed to happen for anything else to happen so the fact that he’s off is great,” she shared. “The next hours coming up are very important because obviously the heart and lungs are running on their own now for the first time in a couple of days.”

in an Instagram Story on Saturday she said: “We’ve had issues in his right leg with clotting and getting blood down his toes. They had him on blood thinners for the clotting and, unfortunately, the blood thinners were causing some other issues. So the right leg will be amputated today.”

Hours later she posted

“I just got a call from the surgeon, He made it through the surgery, which is really big because obviously his body is pretty weak. Hopefully, he’ll just kind of relax and rest. But good news.”

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