Selena Gomez in Makeup-Free pic’s as she shows Off her home recording studio

Selena Gomez in Makeup-Free pic’s as she shows Off her home recording studio

Music star Selena Gomez in recent instagram post shows off her makeshift home recording studio

The pop star shared a beautiful free makeup photo on his Instagram on Saturday May 2 when she appeared to be preparing to record a song. “A makeshift studio so I can work at home,” she captioned the publication for its 175 million followers, adding headphones, sheet music and microphone emoticons.

Selena’s complexion glowed absolutely in the photo, which showed her sitting on the floor and looking at the camera with her right hand resting on her chin. She kept her black hair loose and lowered for the recording session at home, kicking her fur slippers to go barefoot.

We loved Selena’s comfortable quarantine style as she opted for a gray knit sweater and casual black sweatpants. She looked relaxed and ready to go with her notebook covered with stickers on the floor on the left, and various recording equipment – including a music stand and microphone surrounded by temporary gray studio walls. The Texas native recently thought about building the studio space at home, and it looks like it happened in a swimming manner! “Right now, I’m building this little studio situation.

I’m doing it with people who have been at my house,” she told Apple Music. Zane Lowe in an interview published on April 27. “I’m creating a little station where I’m going to be able to do FaceTime with my engineer and some of my producer friends, and we’re going to be trying to make music. I haven’t started this process, but that’s what we’re doing in I was going to FaceTime some of my writer friends, and I just saw how we all feel during this time, “she said.

The the Wizards of Waverly Place alum also explained how she spent her time in quarantine. “I find that the routine and the structure help … I’m going to spend a lot like two days looking at a lot of things, then I will realize that I really need to like something,” she said. declared during the interview. on FaceTime. “I take a lot of walks. I do weights inside the house. I embarrassingly watch YouTube videos where I try to do what the woman tells me to do, but she looks so glamorous to do it, ”she added.

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