New committee seeks to draft Michelle Obama as VP nominee

New committee seeks to draft Michelle Obama as VP nominee

In an earlier report the former vice president Joe Biden selects a four co-chairmen committee to oversee the search for the best candidate as running mate.

Biden has promised to choose a woman as his running mate and said he will pick someone who is “simpatico” with his views. He also recently shared that former President Barack Obama had advised him to pick someone who “has strengths where I have weaknesses.”

The committee called “Draft Michelle Obama” touted the former first lady as the best choice both to help the former vice president defeat President Trump in November as well as the best to help Biden lead the country if he wins.

In a statement released Monday “Ms. Obama, the most admired woman in America, will be a vital asset this November, when Vice President Biden will face an uphill battle to combat the lies and deceit emanating from the White House, Her credibility as a trusted leader and a strong symbol of unity within the Democratic Party would certainly help Democrats defeat Republicans up and down the ballot.”

“With a historic battle to reclaim the soul of America looming this November and the peril causedby the Coronavirus Pandemic, it remains in the best interest of the Democratic Party to nominate a vice-presidential candidate who has the trust of the American people, a vision to lead our nationforward and empathy for the challenges faced by all Americans,” a release from the committee reads.

The former vice president said in a recent interview that he believes it will take until July to narrow down“My guess is it’s gonna take until sometime in July to narrow it down and background checks just to who’s the one, two, three people are that may be in the hunt,” Biden told late-night host James Corden last week

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