Patrick Beverley leaves Orlando bubble for personal reasons

Patrick Beverley leaves Orlando bubble for personal reasons

Patrick Beverley has left the NBA bubble in Orlando.

The LA Clippers are entering the NBA restart as the No. 2 seed in the Western Conference behind the Los Angeles Lakers. Having all hands on deck will be important to achieve the team’s goal of winning a title this summer.

Yet some bad news dropped Tuesday night. Veteran guard Patrick Beverley has reportedly left the bubble in Orlando in order to attend to a personal matter:

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are the two stars for the Clippers. But look at the numbers and you will see Beverley has started 48 games this season and averages just over 27 minutes per game. He is a leader and it is impossible to ignore his tenacity on the court.

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Malika Andrews’ report explains how Beverley will only be subject to a four-day quarantine if he gets tested outside the bubble and the results are negative. If he doesn’t get tested, he could face a two-week quarantine once he returns to Walt Disney World.

Neither situation is ideal, but everyone should respect the fact Beverley is dealing with personal matters at this time.

Patrick Beverley

Montrezl Harrell already left the team this weekend due to personal matters, and the Clippers are scheduled to play their first official game July 30 against the Lakers. Having Leonard and George is the key, but Harrell and Beverley both average over 27 minutes per game and are key players for the team this season.

Going home for personal matters outweighs the importance of anything on the basketball court. But in terms of basketball, the Clippers will be hoping both players are able to return before the playoffs without having any complications personally or due to COVID-19.

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