Miley Cyrus rescues an abandoned bulldog

Miley Cyrus rescues an abandoned bulldog

An abandoned dog who captured the hearts of California firefighters in Fresno has been adopted by Miley Cyrus

Weeks after showing up at the doorsteps of a North Central Fire Protection District Station covered in fleas, Daisy the bulldog became the 27-year-old singer’s fifth rescue pup.  

‘The crews said she was covered in fleas and smelled really bad. You could tell she had been out wandering for quite a while,’ Jacob McAfee, the station’s deputy fire chief, told CNN. ‘It was obvious that she was abandoned or a stray.’

Miley Cyrus

While a relative of firefighters fostered her for a few months in late April, the pooch was ultimately brought to The Wagmor Hotel and Pet Spa in Los Angeles. 

Due to the pooch’s skin, eye issues and hip issues, the organization struggled to find a permanent placement and used social media to spark interest. 

Cyrus, who has adopted from the rescue in the past, saw a picture of the abandoned pup on Instagram and texted the adoption agency’s owner, Melissa Bacelar


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