Alicia Keys Is Launching Her Own Lifestyle Beauty Brand

Alicia Keys Is Launching Her Own Lifestyle Beauty Brand

Alicia keys is launching ‘keys soul care’ So we can finally get that ‘Alicia Keys glow’.

As if releasing an album this week isn’t enough, Alicia Keys has finally given us a name for her hotly anticipated lifestyle and beauty brand: Keys Soulcare.

The singer announced the details via Instagram, linking to the brand’s own page which will be sharing ‘the soul of self care and skincare through content, conversation and community’.

According to Keys, there are four elements to the brand: body, spirit, mind and connection, which will inspire the range.

‘We’re so busy all the time that I don’t think we create these small rituals for ourselves. Even the five minutes it takes to wash my face — when I’m able to create that space for myself I feel more beautiful, more powerful, more possible. That’s soulcare’, said the artist.

The line is expected to release a holiday preview around December this year, with the full collection of clean, cruelty-free, dermatologist-developed products set to launch early 2021. Whilst the brand hasn’t confirmed exactly what products the line will start with, we do know it will cover skincare, body care, hair care and more.

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To keep up to date with the launch, you can subscribe to the brands newsletter, launching 29th September

positive message of self-care sounds like exactly what everyone needs right now. We’re adding it to the ever-growing list of reasons to be excited for the new year.

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