TikTok user shuts down Kyle Richards’ claim that a psychic was wearing her stolen ring

TikTok user shuts down Kyle Richards’ claim that a psychic was wearing her stolen ring

TikTok user shuts down Kyle Richards’ claim that a psychic was wearing her stolen ring, insisting the mystery woman in Diane Keaton’s photo is her grandma who works in a PHARMACY has ‘had the ring for decades’

Kyle Richards‘ bizarre search for her stolen ring has hit a serious road block after a TikTok user came forward to identify the mysterious ‘psychic’ who was believed to be wearing the heirloom, insisting that the woman in question is her grandmother who has owned the accessory ‘for decades’. 

Richards, 51, sparked a flurry of interest and intrigue on Thursday night when she detailed her shock at seeing what she thought was her stolen valuable on the finger of a psychic whose hands had been photographed by Oscar-winner Diane Keaton in July 2019.  

While the woman in question was believed to be a Santa Monica fortune teller, one young woman by the name of Maddie has now come forward to refute that suggestion, claiming that the woman photographed by Keaton is actually her pharmacist grandmother. 

Maddie, who is understood to live in California, took to TikTok late on Thursday night to share her version of the story, explaining that she came across the image of her grandmother’s hands on Keaton’s Instagram Stories – and was shocked to learn of the bizarre story behind it. 

‘I just want to clear things up,’ she said, while pointing at a screengrab of Keaton’s post – which Richards’ believed showed a psychic wearing her mother’s stolen ring.

Kyle Richards

‘This ring right there, that’s my grandma’s ring. She has been working in a pharmacy for over 50 years [and] has had those rings for decades.’ 

Maddie then proceeded to share other images of her grandmother’s hands to prove that she is actually the woman in Keaton’s photograph.

‘These are my grandma’s hands at my fifth-grade graduation, and there’s the ring you’ve been talking about,’ the TikTok user said. 

In the images, a pair of hands can be seen wearing the same chunky accessories that were pictured on the woman in Keaton’s Instagram post, and the woman in Maddie’s photos is also modeling the same long black nails that first prompted the actress to take her picture in the first place. 

Maddie tagged Richards in her video caption, and told her to get in touch if she ‘wants any more info’ – while also adding the hashtag #notafortuneteller for good measure. 

It is unclear exactly how Keaton came to believe that the woman she photographed last year was a ‘fortune teller’ as she wrote in her post.  

Maddie’s video comes just hours after Richards offered what she thought was new evidence in her desperate hunt for her mother’s stolen ring – an image of the bauble in her collection before it was robbed – which she used to try and prove it is the same design she spotted on the hand of the woman in Keaton’s snap. 

The bizarre mystery prompted a slew of speculation after Richards detailed her shock at seeing what she thought was her stolen valuable in a social media snap shared by Keaton back in 2019 – two years after her ring was taken from her California mansion as part of a $1 million jewelry heist.

Richards made the claim during the latest Secrets Revealed special of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and shortly after took to Instagram to shed further light on the ‘crazy story’ by sharing an image of the beloved heirloom in her jewelry box and comparing it to the bauble that was photographed by Keaton on the finger of a woman in Santa Monica.

‘I got a lot of questions about the Secrets Revealed episode last night and the story about my mom’s ring being stolen and my seeing the stolen ring on Diane Keaton’s Instagram,’ Richards explained in an Instagram Stories video.

‘It is such a crazy story but I will post the picture that Diane posted and a picture of my mom’s ring.’  

Richards then shared a screengrab of the image originally posted by Keaton, 74, which captures the hands of a Santa Monica psychic who is seen wearing multiple rings and bracelets – while also showing off long black fingernails. 

The reality star zoomed in on the ring in question – which is on the woman’s pinky finger – before posting a photo of what she believes to be the same design sitting in her jewelry drawer at home before it was stolen in the devastating robbery.

‘My mom’s ring in my drawer,’ she captioned the personal picture. ‘I took this picture the night before I was burglarized. I thought to myself, “If I ever was burglarized how would I remember exactly what I have?”

‘So I took a photo in case that ever happened. Talk about manifesting.’ 

To offer further proof that the two rings are in fact the same, Richards then posted a side-by-side comparison of the two photos, while pointing out that ‘you can see the gold is rubbed off in the exact spot’ and revealing that the gold-and-diamond accessory was actually given to her mother Kathleen by her father Ken.

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